bravery is your only option

Bravery Is Your Only Option

Bravery Is Your Only Option

By |Published On: 28 June 2022|2 min read|
By |Published On: 28 June 2022|2 min read|

I’m not sure if I’ve met anyone whose life has been entirely easy. There are usually many challenges. And most of us have to deal with some turbulence on the journey.

The trick is to not struggle too much. To not overload yourself with too many worries. To not confuse yourself with too much thinking. To not weigh yourself down with too many negative emotions. The calmer you are, the fewer problems you’ll have in life.

But many people struggle to remain calm because they are burdened by inner conflict. And this is often caused by the friction of doing things they don’t want to do, and not getting what they want.

Energy goes where attention flows

Whatever you hone your attention on, you will energise and make important, and that will influence what you experience and manifest.

If you focus too much on what you don’t have and what you don’t like, you can end up holding yourself back by languishing in negativity and struggle.

Accept where you find yourself. And affirm with gratitude and appreciation what is going well and what you like about your life. This will enliven your consciousness with more positive energy.

Then focus your attention on your strengths and resources. Look for ways to improve your life, and begin to move yourself towards the changes you want.

Follow your feelings

Head for what makes you feel happy and energised. Move towards that which awakens your inspiration and sparks your creativity. Bring forth your passion into whatever makes your heart truly sing.

You may have to continue what you’re currently doing as you begin to make a turn towards the changes you want. And you may have to endure some challenges through a period of transition. But as long as you are making some headway, even small steps, towards a life that you truly believe in, then things will open up for you.

Just remember you will have to be brave.

You have to be brave to overcome fear of failure, ridicule and uncertainty.
You have to be brave to overcome challenges and persevere.
You have to be brave to honour who you really are.
You have to be brave to break free of conformity.
You have to be brave to believe in yourself.
You have to be brave to be creative.
You have to be brave to trust.

Bravery is your only option.

© Adrian Connock