Whoever dictates the norms of a society, can influence and control the behaviour of the majority through the function of conformity.

Educational curriculums, medical practices, law enforcement, media regulation, religious organisations, scientific paradigms, government policy, banking systems — all of these areas, that have profound impacts on public life, are institutionalised with standardised conventions and norms.

And because of standardisation, there is an automation to society, and most people conform to the norms set-up for them and do not venture outside of these parameters.

People end up running through life in a kind of simulation whereby they aren’t actually thinking for themselves — they are operating under the hypnotic influence of conformity. And this hypnotic influence of conformity leads to conditioned responses and behaviours — automation.

For example, a person feels ill, they go to a medical doctor. A person wants to buy a house, they go to a solicitor. A person wants a certain societal change, they vote for the relevant political party. A person wants to find out about an important event, they go to the mainstream media. A person wants to explore spirituality, they go to a major religious organisation. A person wants a loan for a business, they go to a high street bank. A person wants an education, they go to college or university.

Many of the actions people take in our societies have become automated. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But have you ever wondered who decides which conventions and norms should be promoted and encouraged? Who decides what is standardised and officially sanctioned in society? Were you invited to the meetings?

Were you offered any say in what your kids are taught at school? Were you ever taught anything about looking after your health, or were you just told to visit the medical doctor?

Do you realise how utterly controlled and manipulated the mainstream media is? Do you know that many of the officially sanctioned scientific paradigms are disputed and are still being debated?

Do you realise that politicians are often financed and lobbied by businesses? Do you know the banking system uses highly manipulative ways to exploit people?

And do you know anything about alternatives?

To break free of simulation, you have to detach yourself from the mainstream way of thinking. You have to be brave enough to question what is generally accepted by society — and you have to be brave enough to explore alternatives.

You have to look within, and begin to value your own authenticity and integrity. And then make evaluations based on your own observations and evaluations, rather than simply going along with the herd.

For example, instead of automatically taking pills for a headache, consider drinking more clean water or visiting a naturopath.

Instead of automatically going to the mainstream media for news, maybe also check out what the alternative media channels are saying, and weigh things up for yourself.

Instead of automatically believing mainstream science, maybe also check out scientists who are offering contradictory evidence.

Instead of automatically going along with mainstream politics, maybe consider solutions being proposed by those on the fringes.

And I’m not necessarily saying the alternatives available are better or more valid. My point is that mainstream simulation is often designed to channel you into narrow-minded automation. And there are many vested interests that have structured society this way, to ensure their profits, power and control.

If you only follow the mainstream in society, you will only be led towards the news, trends, opinions and options that people with power and influence want you to find. And unfortunately, there are those who will take advantage of your compliance.

Be willing to challenge the consensus. Be willing to break free of simulation and automation.