Words cannot express my gratefulness for the profound and positive impact you have made on my life. Your wisdom and healing energy has moved me from a state of stagnation in my life to a place of clarity and forward movement. I cannot thank you enough..


Adrian was an incredibly comforting and calming presence. Knowing that he was by my side as I worked through vulnerable hardships gave me a huge sense of safety and security.


Adrian has a calming and healing presence and a high level of integrity that gave me full confidence to be vulnerable. He is genuinely caring, loving and highly intuitive. I am grateful.

T, Australia

Adrian holds an energetic quality like no other! His visualization and meditative technique, helped open my throat chakra and let go of fear. Truly amazing!


Adrian was able to counsel me on various issues I was going through, providing a broader perspective from which to view my situation. I am amazed at the level of his intuitive connectedness and would recommend Adrian to anyone seeking transformation, growth and guidance along their path.


Adrian is a great coach and mentor helping to understand the greatest but yet simplest theories of life: Everything is simple, don’t complicate things. You are who you want to be, and you get what you give. I became conscious and thankful for every little thing happening in my life, every new person I get to meet.

A, Russia

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