After thousands of years of civilisation, one would have thought that for the most part, people would by now be living in health, harmony and peace.

However, there are still numerous issues to contend with. And many of these issues are the result of people moving further and further away from what is natural and real.

Unnatural diets, unnatural medications, unnatural surroundings, unnatural lifestyles, unnatural technologies, unnatural systems of control — these can all have negative impacts on health and wellbeing.

The simple truth is that: Human beings do not thrive if they are continually malnourished. They do not thrive if they are continually distorted by synthetic substances, toxic chemicals and artificial frequencies. And they do not thrive if they are continually debilitated by stress, discord and oppression.

Science and technology were supposed to be our panacea. Yet, we live in an age where the profound benefits of science and technology are being overused and abused. An age where people are becoming overly dependent and maladapted to synthetic technologies.

Medications, foods, agrochemicals, cosmetics, hygiene products, fabrics, building materials, wireless devices. More and more synthetic and artificial technologies are being introduced. And people are often oblivious to the potential health consequences.

The public are frequently told these developments will help to ‘save the planet’. For example, they are told, lab grown food will be ‘more sustainable’ than real food. But in reality, it’s about big business and control. And the more people become dependent on technologies they have no control over, the more they will be exploited.

And people should be very cautious because there are those who seek to use advanced technologies to further their ambitions of control. We are now living in an era where immensely wealthy technocrats want to inject people with nanobots, create designer babies, and merge brains with artificial intelligence. They are willing to disregard all that is natural in their pursuit to control human evolution.

But human beings are not simply biological machines, as many people like to believe. And despite the good intentions of some scientists, what is unfolding is extremely naïve and dangerous.

And it doesn’t take much research to determine that the governments and technocratic organisations who are funding and promoting these advanced technologies, do not have a benign track record of helping people.

For example, even a study from Harvard concluded Fluoride in the water supply lowers children’s IQ. Yet, the procedure of adding Fluoride to public water supplies continues in numerous countries. And this is just one example of thousands of state authorised technologies that are debilitating people.

And on top of this, people are being conditioned by state controlled education curriculums, programmed by state controlled media, exploited by oppressive corporations, and manipulated by elitist governments. People are being brainwashed. And this is being done very purposefully and precisely.

Evidently, many of those in power want debilitated conformist citizens who will tick-tock along in a predictable fashion — and will produce economic gains through their labour and consumerism. And now that technology is offering evermore advanced ways to control people — a new era of technocratic control is emerging.

Technocracy is a form of governance in which scientists and technical experts are in control. And since the covid crisis, the public have been increasingly indoctrinated into a technocratic orthodoxy. An orthodoxy that dictates people must ‘Trust the Science’, and transition into ‘The New Normal’. Which translates as, ‘People must trust the controlling technocrats and comply’.

Let’s take a look at how the controlling technocrats operated during the covid crisis.

Based upon ‘scientific models’ — most of which turned out to be either complete nonsense or wildly exaggerated — almost the entire world was locked down, traumatised by a military grade fear campaign, and then told they had to comply by getting ‘vaccines’ in order to return to normal life.

Thousands of medical professionals who did not agree with the lockdown response were ignored and censored by the controlling technocrats. Hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of the lockdowns. And hundreds of thousands of people are still suffering as a result of the lockdowns. Studies later revealed the lockdowns were pointless. And there was plenty of evidence in early 2020 indicating lockdowns would cause more death and devastation than covid.

Covid statistics were consistently manipulated and misreported. The fear campaign was grossly disproportionate. And the way people were coerced, without informed consent, to take ‘vaccines’ was a crime against humanity. Again, thousands of opposing voices from the medical profession were ignored and censored.

Tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries are being linked to these injections that have proven to be as ineffective as they are dangerous. Claims that the jabs have been effective at saving many lives have been debunked.

Billions were spent restricting, testing and brainwashing the public. Medical equipment suppliers, pharmaceutical companies and ‘vaccine’ manufacturers made obscene profits. Whilst mega corporations who were able to capitalise from the lockdown restrictions also made vast profits. It was the largest ever transfer of wealth and power from the public.

Natural immunity has been repeatedly shown in studies to be the superior form of immunity. However, barely any money was spent on educating people about looking after their health. The human immune system was literally written off as an irrelevance by controlling technocrats. Simple nutritional and immune boosting interventions could have provided people with greater protection and assistance. And inexpensive and successful treatment protocols were consistently censored and suppressed.

It is reasonable to assume that all of the devastating covid response measures were carried out under military orders, due to biosecurity concerns about a suspected lab leak. But the lab leak narrative is very suspicious from whichever angle you look at it.

Whatever the true genesis of the covid crisis, it was remarkably and extraordinarily convenient for a tiny group of elitist interests. The crisis provided the perfect opportunity for technocratic control and domination to be rapidly accelerated. And much of what has been implemented since the crisis began, was planned many years in advance.

The obsession with technological control that possesses many of the elitist controllers is now clear for all to see. What was not too long ago considered conspiracy theory is now being regularly promoted by the mainstream media.

And what is most concerning is the blatant contempt for the public. For example, a prominent member of the ultra-technocratic World Economic Forum, spoke recently about all the “useless people” who will apparently be worthless when artificial intelligence takes over their jobs. He suggested drugs and video games could be the solution to deal with these people. Charming. And this is the mentality of those who are brazenly forging ahead with the implementation of technocracy.

The Path of Technocratic Control

Elitist controllers around the world are making vast strides towards various forms of technocracy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset, and UN Agenda 2030 are some examples.

Controllers claim that much of what they are doing is necessary due to ‘Overpopulation’, ‘Climate Change’, ‘Biosecurity’ and ‘Limited Natural Resources’. But their claims are often not substantiated by evidence. And open discourse and debate on these matters is almost non-existent, whilst alternate views are often censored and banned.

Regardless of the veracity behind their motives — technocratic systems with distinct shades of totalitarianism are continuing to develop. Under the banners of ‘Public Health’, ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Saving the Planet’ — a range of societal changes and technological implementations have been installed, with many more planned for the near future.

The public are being increasingly conditioned to believe that genetic engineering, synthetic biology and transhuman augmentation will be beneficial to human evolution. However, given the shoddy history of these technologies, people could easily end up permanently dependent, severely injured or dead.

And millions of people have already taken the first step towards dependency. Millions of people have already been modified by gene therapy drugs — given to them under the guise of covid ‘vaccines’. Even according to official databases: tens of thousands of deaths and millions of injuries are linked to these ‘vaccines’. But despite this ongoing horror, more and more biotech applications are being hastily prepared and promoted.

Scientists are claiming genetic engineering and biotechnologies can cure cancer, repair genetic faults, and create immunity against pathogens. But when billions of dollars are at stake, they don’t want you to know about the risks or the failures. And they usually aren’t at all interested in simple (non-profitable) ways to prevent or cure illnesses.

Sure, there may be a tiny minority who could benefit from some of the technological advances being developed. People with extremely rare genetic disorders, perhaps. But some leading technocrats are proposing entire populations should be genetically modified. And some go as far to suggest that newborns should be routinely genetically engineered.

Due to the increasingly unnatural ways people are living — the trends of deteriorating health and infertility are likely to continue. And technocrats will take advantage of this. They will promise people health. They will attempt to lure people into accepting increasingly unnatural and invasive medical procedures.

And if the trends of increasing mental illness and impairment continue, technocrats will take advantage of this also. They will promise people happiness. They will attempt to convince people to accept brain implants and other transhuman augmentations.

Implants that electrically stimulate neural networks are being rapidly developed. And scientists claim these technologies will be able to enhance cognitive abilities and treat mental illnesses. However, the potential misuses of these technologies are not being widely publicised.

And people should be very suspicious because technocratic organisations have stated that they expect whole populations in the near future to be implanted and wirelessly connected to computer systems. They have boasted of delivering digital services directly to the brain. And all sorts of invasive technologies are being developed for plans described as the ‘Internet of Bodies’.

A ‘Smart Grid’ linked to artificial intelligence is rapidly being assembled around the world. Controllers will be able to monitor and control everything connected to the network. Cars, devices, energy supplies, home appliances etc. This ‘smart’ interfacing is referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’. And technocrats intend on controlling people under the usual contrived justifications of ‘Public Health’, ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Saving the Planet’.

Central banks around the world are developing digital currencies. Controllers want Digital IDs and a cashless society. They will then be able to monitor, profit from, and control your purchases. And they’ve also proposed linking this Digital ID System to a Social Credit System. So, people could be rewarded or punished depending on their behaviour. The justification for restricting and punishing people would be, ‘It’s for the greater good’. The covid vax passports were clearly a beta test.

Despite there being a glaring lack of proof for a ‘climate emergency’ prominent mouthpieces are calling for de-growth and the overthrow of capitalism as the solution. And this mentality is being inculcated in the wider population, and taken advantage of by technocrats. Why? Because a quasi communist system will best suit the planned technocracy.

What is unfolding is very dystopian.

I’m sure some people will be happy to go along with it all, and good luck to them. But for those of you who would rather remain good old-fashioned humans, here are some suggestions.

The Path of Freedom

Take control of your health as best you can. Do what you can to avoid the heavily processed and synthetic crud. Head for what is natural and pure. Clean up your diet and drink lots of clean water. Heal yourself.

Keep yourself calm. Process your fears and step into your authenticity. Resolve emotional issues. Develop your inner power and your inner light. Meditate regularly.

Orientate your life towards freedom and independence. For example, if you can figure out a way to become self-employed; this will liberate you from potential restrictions such as invasive medical screening and jab mandates.

If you can figure out ways to be more self-sufficient in terms of your water, food and energy supply — this will give you more freedom and independence. Store some supplies and contingencies.

Unplug from technology and spend more time in nature. Limit the use of your smartphone or get rid of it entirely. Don’t get a smart meter installed. Use cash more often.

Simplify your life. Reduce your needs and your obligations. Try to get into a position where you’re not held down by debt or dependent on the state. The way things are going, you will almost certainly be better off living in the countryside.

We can live in hope, but I don’t think there is much hope for politicians to act with integrity. You might want to send them information, sign petitions and that sort of thing. But most of them appear to be either corrupt or incompetent. Recently, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Covid Vaccine Damage was held in the UK. Only four MPs bothered to turn up! That shows you the level of ineptitude and callousness we are dealing with.

Our societies were founded on a philosophy of honour and integrity. It was decided long ago that evil, corruption and malice should not be allowed to run rampant — and that a philosophy of goodness should prevail. And this is the root from which laws were devised, and from which our systems of governance and justice are supposed to function.

However, our systems of governance and justice have repeatedly failed us. Our freedoms have been trampled upon and disregarded under illegitimate pretences. And people have endured much suffering and abuse as a consequence.

And our freedoms continue to be eroded without reasonable justification — freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, freedom of information, freedom of movement, freedom of privacy, freedom to trade, freedom to live a normal life and prosper without undue infringement from the state — all of these freedoms are being threatened.

And without the consent of the people — the oppressive machinery of technocracy continues to be rapidly devised and implemented.

You have to decide what you will do.

For a technocracy to succeed in fully implementing a new system of control, they will need the compliance of the majority of people. They will need people to accept a new status quo and abide by a new normal. And they will need people to willingly operate and sustain the system.

Even the most totalitarian regimes cannot control every individual. They depend on conformity. They depend on people passively complying. They depend on people living within a lie that is tacitly accepted.

You have to be prepared to swim against the tide. You have to be prepared to live in ways that are counter to the norms. You have to be willing to act in accordance with what you deem to be right. You have to be willing to live within your own truth.

You don’t necessarily need to confront the system head-on. And it’s probably wise that you don’t. But you can keep on evolving beyond the system by deciding to do things differently. Small changes that quietly move yourself in another direction.

Act in ways that bring health, harmony, peace and independence to yourself and to others. Make conscious choices in terms of what work you do, what you consume, where you invest your money, how you educate your children, how you treat yourself and others.

It’s a good time to find your tribe and come together with like-minded people. There may come a point when you will have to stand your ground. And this will be most effective if there are a lot of people acting in unison. Mass non-violent non-compliance has stopped tyranny in the past.

If enough people refuse to comply with technocratic implementations — they simply won’t happen.

Do what you can to stay free. And don’t allow the control freaks to get you down. Keep the faith. Something will give, it always does.

Trust in the goodness in this world and align yourself to it.

© Adrian Connock

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