In a world that is filled with so much discord and strife, the greatest gift you can give is to heal yourself — to develop a calm mind and a serene heart.

If you’ve worked on yourself, then you will understand how your reactions can cause unnecessary pain and anguish.

The mind tends to prattle along and groan. Psychologists call it the negativity bias. It’s the habit of reacting with disgruntlement and unduly focusing on negativity.

This tendency causes a great amount of unease because people often register every tiny setback or dislike as a serious violation of their desires and expectations.

To get beyond negativity bias, you have to endure the variance of life without affirming so much of it as being negative — without moaning that you don’t like it, without falling into indignation, or succumbing to self-pity.

So many of our reactions can be softened by letting go of the need to control, the need to be right, and the need to get what we want all the time. By simply lessening your reactions and loosening your grip, you protect yourself from despair, you become more serene.

Learn to stand guard of your thoughts. Step back from your mind sometimes and ask yourself, “What good is this thinking doing?” Often, the best medicine to apply is mind-emptiness — and this stops your mental rambling from generating emotions.

For example, if your thoughts are protesting about someone, whining about your life, or if you’re putting yourself down — say softly in your mind, “Hey, chill, no further comments.” The more you extinguish the flames of disquiet, the more peaceful your mind becomes.

Everyone gets ripped off, betrayed, abused or manipulated in this world. But if you carry around the weight of bitterness, then you end up languishing in victimhood. And if you overly identify with your agony, you bind yourself to misery.

You have to live by letting go in this world, otherwise you get stuck, and your abilities to make beneficial changes get hindered. Emotions inform you about how things are affecting you on an inner level. But they are not meant to be permanent. If you feel stuck in uncomfortable emotions, the way forward is to face your difficulties with an intention to transform them and to create beneficial change.

When it comes to processing emotional turmoil — the way out is through.

By facing painful emotions, you can understand them and work through them. You can learn from them, make beneficial changes and become more resilient. Healing emotional pain comes down to letting go of your negative sentiments so that you feel at peace.

The more you process your emotional pain, the more you will align to your natural happiness. And where you are looking to arrive at, is a temperament that can endure the turbulence of life without getting agitated or distraught. All you have to do is develop emotional discipline to the extent where your reactions do not pull you out of composure or into darkness.

As part of healing yourself, you also have to make sure you are not acting in dark ways. If you have thoughts such as, “This person doesn’t deserve my respect.” Then you are justifying your darkness, and this is a dark path to tread. It is wise to redeem yourself as appropriate.

For example, if you notice you’re being mean — open up and be generous. Notice you’re being unfair? Level up and be honourable. Notice you’re being disrespectful? Lighten up and be kind. Notice you’re being contrary? Loosen up and be flexible and tolerant.

There is a universal truth to what Jesus said: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And when you make the decision to cultivate and nurture goodness, you find yourself on the path of healing and liberation.

Challenges in life are inevitable. And you might have some set-backs and you might fall into some darkness at times. But that’s okay — just remember the path of healing and liberation. Dust yourself off, and get back on track, walk the walk.

Healing emotion and darkness is always about accepting and letting go. It’s always about turning disharmony into harmony, conflict into peace, discord into serenity. It’s always about nurturing genuine warmth and compassion within your heart. It’s always a process of transmutation and transfiguration — an inner alchemy of transforming darkness to light. It’s always about liberation.

Transcending the Darkness

To transcend the darkness in this world, you can’t be languishing in states of resentment, indignation and contempt about the darkness in this world.

The corruption, the evil, the malevolence on this planet — it really is tragic. But you can’t expect a control system infiltrated by demonic evil to be nice. You can’t expect truth or justice from a system sustained by lies and corruption.

An unethical and fraudulent genetic experiment has killed tens of thousands and injured millions of people around the world — and this is even tacitly admitted, yet the injections are still being given. That should tell you everything you need to know about the current trajectory of the matrix.

I totally understand if this pisses you off. But the thing is, if you’re always carrying around the weight of hostility, it degrades your energy — it restricts your capacity to bring light into this world.

And that is half the trick — to trap people in a cycle of hostility and fear. And so much of the malice that unfolds is purposefully manufactured for that intent.

And what’s happening is spiritual warfare more than anything else because dark emotions and dark attitudes make people vulnerable to being influenced by dark entities and dark forces.

We are all being targeted in attempts to shut down our intuitive feelings and our capacity for empathy and love. And the levels of brainwashing and manipulation are unprecedented.

We live in a world where so many people hate each other for reasons they can’t even explain. Extremes of irrational emotion abound, with vast swathes of humanity divided in opposition, and entrenched in Pro vs Anti tussles. And the more inner turmoil there is, the more turmoil there will be reflected and manifested into outer reality.

I do believe that great changes for good are coming…. eventually. More and more people are walking away from the matrix. It is a matter of time. And for sure, there are things we can do, such as sharing information, making conscious choices, and not complying with unethical mandates. I’ve spoken about that in previous articles.

My main point here, is to keep your heart free from darkness.

It’s not about sticking your head in the sand and being passive. It’s about living in ways that bring goodness into the world, and protect you from evil.

If you are wallowing in dark emotions, you risk perpetuating the darkness in this world. If you rage about injustice, but act in ways that are unjust, you risk becoming the darkness that you despise.

When you can be serene even in the midst of sorrow, evil cannot enter your heart. This is the path of liberation. Do you see? What power could evil have over you without a foothold in your heart? None.

There is very good reason why most of the world’s martial art practises focus on attaining inner peace and following a code of honour. It’s about standing strong in the light of integrity, whilst also remaining pure of heart.

The path of healing and liberation, requires courage and grace.