I used to help facilitate a lot of Ayahuasca ceremonies. Ayahuasca can be a very intense experience, and some people would become very afraid. But one simple technique almost always helped those people — it would take them out of their mental fears, and allow them to find peace within the sanctuary of their heart.

It’s very simple — you just focus on all the people and animals that you love. Even if they have passed on — recall the love — remember the warmth, the smiles, the laughter, the good times — and focus on that.

You can also focus on trees, flowers, colours, music, good memories, celestial beings — whatever makes your heart sing. For most people though, the relationships with certain friends, family members, their children, their pets — they are the strongest source of love.

By cherishing and revering those we love, it pulls us into our heart centre. And when you centre your heart within the feelings of love, appreciation, gratitude and reverence, you can burn off dark energies lingering in your heart chakra. It propels you into the light — the calmness and serenity of inner peace.

But you also have to let go of dark emotions to fully heal your heart chakra.

Bitterness, resentment, blame, spite, disdain, fear, angst, grievance, self-depreciation, hatred — these are all ways in which our heart chakra can become weakened and susceptible.

When you heal your emotional wounds, in particular, grievances you have with other people, you will heal your heart chakra. And by staying calm and not languishing in dark emotions or prejudices, you protect your heart chakra.

And to enliven your heart chakra — fill your life as much as possible with what makes your heart sing. People, animals, activities, experiences, music, art — whoever and whatever you love.

You can also work with metaphysical techniques when healing your heart chakra.

Your hands are not just physical — they are also metaphysical. And you can use your hands to brush away, pull out or just burn off dark energies lingering in your heart chakra.

  • When you are laying down on your back, with your eyes closed, and in a deeply relaxed state. Place one of your hands slightly above the centre of your chest. Feel around for a few moments. Allow yourself to sense your feelings and to perceive any emotions, memories or visions.
  • With deep compassion for yourself, hold an intention to heal your heart chakra.
  • Then visualise your hand glowing brightly with golden light. And when you’re ready, place your hand on the centre of your chest. See the golden energy radiating from your hand and absorbing into your heart chakra. Feel the warmth.
  • If you become aware of any memories, emotions or situations that start to pull you into negativity, focus on making peace and letting go. Look to transform the negativity by surrendering into forgiveness and compassion. Look to neutralise any rancour with the serenity of acceptance and non-judgement. Find peace by letting go of hostility.
  • Continue to see your hand glowing with golden light. And you may find it helps to use your fingers to massage the area at the centre of your chest, to brush things away, or even to pull out unwelcome energies. Go with your intuitive feelings, and trust in your inner guidance system.
  • Once you’ve finished, rub a few drops of lavender essential oil onto the centre of your chest and go and sit somewhere quiet in nature. Become aware of all that you are grateful for. The people, the things you have, the experiences, your progress and evolution. Feel your reverence and humility fill your heart.