A truly gifted healer, with Wisdom and Heart that hug with enduring depth.

M, Switzerland

Adrian Connock is an extraordinary healer and psychic. I was unable to eat or swallow due to radiotheraphy of my neck. The minute I agreed to have a healing I could drink and eat weeks before it was expected. He also was able to support me via e-mail when I needed help.

Next I have a fibroid that has bled heavily continuously for three years. Well the second healing was for this. It stopped bleeding the day after. This is only the physical side. His pyschic observations of me via audio about my past helped me to deal with my very deep upsets finally resolving much emotional trauma. He is funny too. Wonderful soul. Waited many years to find a person knowledgeable enough to make the difference I always hoped for… Forever grateful… I Highly recommend him.

S, England

As a professional shaman trained in Buddhist, Vedic, Amazonian and Andean healing techniques, Adrian is the guy I go to when I need some help getting myself straightened out after working with clients or going through a difficult patch. His deep insight always surprises me with its accuracy and I inevitably feel hugely recharged and more myself after placing myself in his caring and capable hands. So many thanks to you for all your help over the years!

A, England

I had the pleasure of working with Adrian on a couple different occasions. We met in Peru as I went through a challenging but transformative retreat. His healing expertise was a vital part of the progress I feel I accomplished during that retreat and I’m so thankful for his work.

I also had energy work done by him over a three day period at a distance. Although we were thousands of miles from each other, the physical sensations I experienced during our sessions aligned perfectly with his explanations. The breakdown he provided helped me further understand the energy blockages he came across and what I could continue to do to remain more balanced. Without getting to detailed and lengthy, I highly recommend Adrian and his work. He helped me achieve a state of peace and groundedness that has been life changing.


I met Adrian in March 2014 in a healing centre, that works with natural medicines where he was working as a facilitator and energy healer. I was going through a very difficult time in my life with a lot of confusion on where my next step on the life path should take me. During one ceremony I was confronted so intensively with my ego and the dark side of me and I had no idea how to get out of this nightmare. This is when Adrian offered his help and he sat down next to me, giving me energy healing. Within a short moment Adrian was able to help me transforming my darkness into light and lightness. Through his connection I was able to open the door, connecting me with angels and with the universe, gaining a stage of bliss and peace, which was unforgettable and mind-opening.

Adrian was my angel of light and protection during that night and I am eternally grateful for his help!! I was able to profit from Adrian´s energy healing capacities a couple of times afterwards again and every single time, it helped me tremendously, either to gain inner peace or he helped to protect me when confronted with darker energies. Thank you soooo much for all the experiences that I was able to gain with your help!!! I wish you all the very best!!! Love and light!

K, Germany

I met Adrian at “The Way Inn” in Peru and I asked him to help me shift a block in my 6th Chakra. Adrian began to move the energy around my shoulders and there was a powerful sensation as his hands were close to me. He then began opening and moving the energy around my 6th chakra. It was such a beautiful experience. One I have only experienced with another energy healer before. Adrian flows powerful love through his field to help clear energy and move blockages that were holding me back. I am so grateful for the experience of healing with Adrian. He has a true Gift of healing.

A, Canada

I met Adrian while in Peru in 2015. There is something very calming and special about his aura. He makes you feel immediately calm and drawn to his wisdom. I had an energy healing session with Adrian and found it to be very beneficial. Due to numerous factors my root chakra was out of balance. Adrian did some work on this area and it left me feeling much more settled and contented. Adrian is in possession of a great gift and has worked hard to master and perfect his skills. It is without hesitation that I recommend Adrian as an expert energy healer practitioner.

L, Ireland

Adrian is a kind and dedicated healer. He brings a wealth of knowledge, care, compassion and soul to his practice. I experienced great benefit from my time with him. Adrian has a warm bedside manner and is a very open to any discourse you may need to understand what arises within your healing sessions. I would unequivocally recommend him.


My experience with Adrian at The Way Inn in Huaraz Peru was one of extraordinary healing, protection and insight. Adrian has the ability to hold incredible space in collective community by clearing energetic fields that include negative forces thereby producing a safe place to work on individual and collective consciousness. In addition I received grounding work and chakra healings to help me become aware of and heal wounds of self-esteem and doubt. Adrian held a group space that created safety in the field for groups of people working with medicine to heal themselves deeply and has a great capacity for tuning into the needs of the individual and group. I appreciated my time so much with Adrian as he kept me protected and grounded to do some in depth healing during my time at The Way Inn.


I had visions, very nice ones and the pain decreased. His session gave me peace as well as I felt something had been released. I was filled with different colors as he did his work. Shades of blue, purple, orange, red, etc were all over me. After his session I felt very good, relaxed, in peace. I highly recommend having Adrian work on you. I am thankful for helping me and hope he is soon back in Peru.

S, Peru

I went into the healing with a really sore throat. I don’t know what Adrian did, but after the session I had no sore throat and felt really at peace, the sore throat didn’t come back later either. Adrian also gave me some really insightful feedback after.

C, Sweden

I had a healing session with Adrian back in August 2015. I didn’t have big expectations from it but it turned out to be the most effective way to wake up my consciousness. It revealed the blockages of my body and mind that kept me from being true myself. It opened my hidden potential and let me understand which direction I have to take to develop myself. I could feel huge difference in myself and I had acknowledged what was holding me back. Adrian has taken a very special place in my heart and become not only my friend but a great mentor and life coach who I can appreciate and thankful to have in my life.

I, Ukraine

The healing session with Adrian was really gentle and relaxing, yet it was powerful and profound. It enabled a substantial release and shift in me that freed me from obstacles that had been dogging me for a long time despite my own attempts to help myself. He is truly an inspirational and adept healer with a multitude of tools and experience to alleviate pain and dis-ease on all levels.

L, England

Adrian is a very talented healer. He is sincere and genuine. He practices with intuition and compassion. I had a profoundly powerful healing experience as a result of working with him. I felt strong surges of energy moving. Deep rooted blockages were opened. Then, following an intense period of physical and emotional detox, I felt a deep sense of well-being. I would recommend Adrian to anyone on a journey of healing and growth.

N, England

I was able to relax almost immediately due to Adrian’s calm presence. Being in that space, I was able to become aware of previously unconscious energetic and mental blockages which were affecting my well-being. I could feel Adrian’s subtle and unspoken guidance the whole time and I felt supported enough to begin to let go of what needed to be released.

Immediately following the session I noticed that the persistent pain I was accustomed to in my neck had disappeared, and over the next few weeks I experienced an overall lessening in the tension I usually held in my shoulders and lower back.


Lightness. I never had a energy healing session in my life and I didn’t really know what to expect. I just tried to relax, empty my mind, let go, feel and breath as if i would be in a meditating state. I was lying down. Adrian was progressively scanning my body. His hands were a short distance from my body and sometimes I could feel him and keep track of where he was.

When he was on my left arm, something rather strange happened. At first I felt my left hand flick. I remember thinking it was probably a nerve reaction. But then my hand started to slowly slide towards the left and then it levitated. I was so surprised, scared and confused.

It took a few minutes for me to calm down but even when my cries stopped making sounds I could still feel the river of tears raging inside me. I still had some more to evacuate. Adrian recommenced his work and it happened again. The flick. The sliding. The levitating. I cried. And quietly until the end tears were running down my face.

When the session was over, Adrian and I sat in front of each other. I could not stop touching and rubbing my left arm. It was the strangest feeling. My arm felt so light. I felt like I had a brand new arm, like a play-mobile with interchangeable arms. Adrian explained to me that it happened after he worked on my heart chakra and that he also saw my dad.

That’s when I understood. It was the exact spot where my dad hit me when I was 13. I’m 31 now. I tried to forgive him and move on for so long. I had heard about emotional memory trapped in our bodies before. Now I truly understand this concept.

I am forever grateful to Adrian to have freed me from that heavy emotional weight I was carrying all this time. Ironically I was never even aware of it. However there is no magic in all this. I’m so glad I was prepared. I understand what this all means because I “worked” on myself. Adrian could help me heal because I was ready to let go. We met at the right time in my recovery.

Still to this day I cry and shiver when I talk or think about this experience. I have tears of joy and gratitude. Thank you Adrian.

A, France

I can’t thank you enough Adrian for the healing session. It was fabulous experience in my life which open me in totally other side as I know myself before healing. During the session I felt as energy running over my skin, and I could feel the release at each point of my body. Healing showed me all my protectors who is next to me in my life and help me overcome all difficulties. Adrian found out that almost all my Chakras were working fine accept of Swadisthan Chakra but he did necessary work and recharge it. Later on when everything has been done and we had long conversation with Adrian I felt myself very light and free from problems what I had in my mind and heart. Really it’s very difficult to explain by words all feeling what I had during the session and changes what has been happened after in my life. I will certainly recommend Adrian’s healing to others. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

T, Ukraine

My experience with Adrian was life changing. I had a healing session where he helped me to discover the reasons and nature of my fears and how to overcome them.

A, Russia

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