Instead of saying, “I must do this at some point” — do it now or schedule in a time to do it. Don’t leave tasks and obligations hanging in the midst. As much as possible, if you see something you need to do, do it right then. The more you put tasks off, the more they will build up as clutter in the back of your mind. Get things done, and you will free yourself from unnecessary mental clutter.

If you are confused about what to do — commit to doing something, or accept that you are unsure and don’t act. If you don’t act, limit the time you spend pondering the choice. Don’t ask yourself too many questions, as that leads to confusion.

What you could do, is gather information about the choices, assess each choice rationally, and then sit back and don’t think further about it. Trust that your feelings and your higher processing abilities will take care of the rest and will provide you with clarity.

If you have to make a quick decision, then don’t worry about things not working out as you hoped. Sometimes we can end up on a path in life that can feel like the wrong direction. But you never know, as you could find something interesting along the way. You could make a turn and find it leads somewhere positive. But if you hadn’t gone down the ‘wrong’ path in the first place, you wouldn’t have found the turning.

Sometimes in life, it is best to simply proceed, even if you are not entirely sure where you’ll end up.

And it is quite possible you’ll come to regret some decisions. But there is always something we can learn from our experiences. And every mistake or failure is an opportunity to improve, adapt and evolve.

Be willing to trust your feelings and your instincts. Opportunities may arise and if you are not spontaneous and decisive you can miss them. Be prepared to jump and trust yourself. The quicker you make decisions, the less time you will be confused and the more confident you will become.

© Adrian Connock

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