Here is a list of tips for how to revitalize your relationship and for how to develop more connection and more sensuality between you and your partner:

  • Once a day, inquire with sincerity about how your partner is getting on, how their day is going, and how they are feeling. Don’t necessarily offer any advice, just hold out a hand and let them know you care about them. Listen with empathy to their response.
  • Increase the use of appreciative language between each other and share compliments. Acknowledge and express what you are grateful for about your partner and your relationship.
  • Set aside sacred time and space where you have quality uninterrupted time together. Leave everything else at the door, especially your phones. Be fully in the present moment and engaged with your partner during this time.
  • Go on dates again. Perhaps revisit places you enjoyed in the past. Rekindle past joys and relive positive experiences. You are never too old for a candlelit dinner and a slow dance. Make an effort to honour your relationship just as much as you did in the beginning. Don’t take it for granted.
  • Go away for a weekend now-and-then. Perhaps book two nights in a treehouse or somewhere out of the ordinary. Do some activity together you’ve never done before, seek novel places and experiences. Be spontaneous sometimes — throw some clothes in a bag and get in the car, see where you end up!
  • Go for a walk in nature and have a picnic at a beautiful spot. Go for a swim in the ocean or in a river. Watch a sunset together. Being in nature together will revitalize you both.
  • Try to sense when your partner could do with a little help. For example, prepare something for them if they’re really busy. Or offer to help them in some way if they’re tired. Sincere gestures of kindness will bring you closer.
  • Write love notes on small pieces of paper and leave them places where your partner will find them. A few loving words will add warmth and tenderness to your relationship.
  • Listen to music together that brings you into feelings of romance and sensuality.
  • Be creative together. Paint something, play instruments, write a story, make a photo collage, decorate a room. Don’t get wrapped up with desires for the end production to be perfect, just enjoy the creative process and have fun.
  • Play, laugh, be silly, make light of situations, recall funny moments, see the amusements in life, let go of the serious stuff as often as possible.
  • Keep getting to know each other. People change! Do you know what makes your partner happy? Do you know what is truly meaningful to your partner? Do you know their favourite activities? Their recent interests? Do you know what they enjoyed the most as a child? Do you know what their aspirations are? How is your partner changing?
  • Cook an elaborate meal with your partner’s favourite foods and surprise them. Serve with a bottle of their favourite drink and bask together in a soma of sensuality.
  • Discuss what you like and don’t like about your individual lives. Then make goals whereby you help each other to do more of what you like, and less of what you don’t like.
  • Nurture the things that bring your partner joy. Encourage them towards their passions, be their biggest fan, give them your full attention often, and be supportive and enthusiastic.
  • Take time to understand what pleases your partner about you and your actions. As appropriate, bring more of these qualities into your life and relationship.
  • Be sure to have regular eye contact. On occasion, lay down and, without talking, simply gaze into each other’s eyes and see what happens. Feel the depth of each other’s presence.
  • Regular touching and kissing in a tender way will enhance your relationship and bring more vitality. Small gestures of affection go a long way. Simply a gentle touch of your hands as you pass each other in the house will add warmth.
  • When you hug or cuddle, embrace for at least twenty seconds. The more often you embrace, the more connected you will feel.
  • Nurture each other with massages or tender caressing.
  • Take a relaxing bath together. Add twenty drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil to the water. Put on some soothing music and light some candles.
  • It may sound counter-intuitive, but by taking some time apart, you can actually rejuvenate your relationship. Having some time alone provides you with a freshness that can serve to reignite the romantic spark when you are reunited with your partner.

© Adrian Connock

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