By being grateful for all that you have had, have and will have — you can enter into a state of humility. From this state of humility, you can surrender to the flow of life — you can make friends with uncertainty.

You can understand that there are always forces around you in movement. You can understand that change is inevitable and natural. So, you swim with the current, and you paddle here and there to direct yourself, but you don’t panic and try to cling onto the edge. You trust in the flow.

The concept of letting go to get what you want is all about trusting the flow of life. It’s about being able to let go of overly controlling your life, and trusting you’ll be able to adapt to what comes. You go with the flow.

So, you seek what it is you want, and you focus your attention on moving yourself towards it. But you don’t get agitated about the process of getting there. You develop a faith — a patient, trusting attitude. You persevere in what you know, but you also surrender to what you don’t know.

Sometimes you take action and move towards what you want. Sometimes you take no action and allow what you want to come to you. It’s the balance of attention and intention. Attention is the push and intention is the pull.

Attention is focusing on what you can do. It’s working with what you already have in order to enhance it. Intention is a reference point from which providence can provide — it’s working with the wave state of infinite potential and possibility.

Importantly, when working with intention, you should let go of any attachment you may have about the end result. And you should let go of any yearning emotions about a timescale. So, it’s like you make a wish without longing for it to come true — you hold a desire without worrying about the outcome of your desire happening.

You develop a silent trust. A trust, whereby you surrender into a deep reverence, and accept that what is meant to be will be. A trust, whereby even if your intentions aren’t manifested exactly when or as you wanted, you accept with grace what you receive.

The moment you let go of worrying about your desires, is the moment you clear the obstacles generated by fear and doubt that can get in the way.

Let go. Flow.

© Adrian Connock

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