Life Force Coaching

Life Force Coaching

This is a 12 week journey. You receive approximately 28 hours of coaching and guidance.

Video Calls

Your journey begins with a one hour video call providing you with support, coaching and guidance relevant to your journey. Three more one hour video calls with Adrian take place every four weeks.

Meditation Journeys

Once a week, you connect with Adrian for a one hour deep meditation journey.

Ongoing Support & Resources Provided

Throughout the 12 weeks, Adrian will also be available to you via text and email. He will often provide answers via audio recordings. And he will send you specific articles and techniques to assist you. You can expect at least one hour of additional support being provided each week.

The Holistic Approach

Working with a holistic approach, Adrian regards body, mind and spirit as being interconnected. During the 12 weeks, he will address emotional, somatic, social, psychological, environmental and metaphysical aspects that are relevant to your journey.

Therapeutic Support

If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, Adrian will hold space and support you. When appropriate, he will focus on guiding you to your own strengths and resources, so you can overcome the issues being faced, and get back on track.

Relationship Advice

Adrian can help to bring resolution, reconciliation and peace within relationships. He guides people on matters such as communication, boundaries, triggers, behaviour patterns, intimacy, trust and empathy.

Practical Advice

Offering you support through decision making processes, Adrian can help you to organise and improve your life. He can offer you practical advice about situations you find yourself in.

Life Force Coaching

Advising you on ways to enhance your natural life force. Adrian will focus on boosting your energy. He can help you to unshackle from old energies that are holding you back. He can guide you in ways to develop your natural vibrancy and radiance, helping you to further experience authentic happiness and wellbeing.

Metaphysical Guidance and Support

Adrian can help you understand metaphysical and mystical experiences. He can also teach you energy clearing, psychic protection, and self-healing techniques.

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12 Weeks Life Force Coaching – £750 (GBP)