The End of Kali Yuga 2025 - 2040?

The End of Kali Yuga 2025 – 2040?

July 8, 2024|Earth Changes|

Evidently, the Yuga Cycle and the earth’s precession cycle are one and the same, and extend for 25,800 years. On 21st of March 2025, the Kali Yuga and the entire descending cycle of consciousness will come to an end; and we will enter a long period of transition of nearly 1200 years, during which time our planet will be dramatically altered beyond recognition, and the outlines of a new civilization will be manifested, which will be permeated by compassion, peace, harmony and truth. The environment will be restored to its original pristine state, and the interdimensional gateways may open up revealing to us a reality that we have long forgotten.

However, my research also indicates that the collapse of the current Kali Yuga civilization is likely to be completed in a small window of time between 2025 to 2040, due to a combination of global wars and comet impacts. These are the end-times that the ancient prophecies tells us of, when our reality will be drastically altered, and we will be forced to introspect about our patterns of thought and our way of life.

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