An amalgamation of globalist and elitist ideologies was forged by the World Economic Forum and presented in totality in 2020 as ‘The Great Reset’.

The Great Reset, alongside UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are evidently the blueprints for the ‘new normal’.

Senior politicians regularly allude to these agendas and numerous highly influential elitists, from transnational CEOs, banking chiefs and monarchs, are now on board with The Great Reset.

This elitist faction has admitted they were waiting for the right “emergency” to justify the global control agenda they have been preparing for many years. They are calling for the covid crisis to be used for “transformation” and have said that “a new world will emerge” from what they refer to as “the fourth industrial revolution.”

Many of the changes to society being proposed by The Great Reset overlap very conveniently with the new covid normals of biosecurity, medical fascism and authoritarian restrictions.

Here is a taste of what promoters of The Great Reset are proposing:

  • Global technocratic governance
  • Merging of state and corporate businesses
  • No more property ownership for citizens
  • Total surveillance and tracing
  • Electronic identification technologies made mandatory
  • Enforced physical distancing, minimal human contact
  • Regular and enforced medical testing and screening
  • All smart devices connected 24/7 to a centralised ‘smart grid’ monitoring system
  • Vaccination and immunity certificates needed for work and travel
  • Pre-crime assessments of population, including brain scans
  • Education online via virtual and augmented reality
  • Neurotechnologies to ‘enhance cognitive abilities’
  • Genetic engineering technologies to alter human genetics
  • DNA databases of entire populations used for analysis
  • Creation of designer babies
  • Smart tattoos that wirelessly send and receive ‘medical’ information
  • Nanotechnologies inserted into humans to make automated changes to genes and biochemistry
  • Remotely applied medicine – ‘telemedicine’
  • The connection of humans to artificial intelligence via brain implants
  • ‘Custom designed organisms’ via Synthetic Biology
  • Geoengineering (more chemtrails)
  • 5G internet beamed down everywhere on Earth from satellites
  • Genetically modified foods, including artificial meats
  • Workplace automation and digitisation (more working from home)
  • Social credit systems (such as operating in China)
  • Universal basic income schemes
  • Highly restricted ‘green’ energy
  • No travel freedom. Automated and restricted driverless cars
  • Further introduction of robots and drones
  • Cashless and contactless digital economies

Obvious overlaps with covid restrictions include — physical distancing, workplace digitisation, an increase in state surveillance via tracing, increased medical testing, less cash being accepted, furlough basic income schemes, vaccination mandates, digital identification and ‘immunity’ certification.

Many other response measures taken due to the covid crisis are also conveniently furthering the ambitions of The Great Reset. Examples include:

  • Genetic engineering being normalised through covid mRNA gene therapy injections.
  • DNA information being gathered from swab tests.
  • Police and security services gaining access to testing and tracing data, burgeoning the surveillance state.
  • So called ‘climate lockdowns’ are being proposed.
  • Food shortages due to lockdown effects are leading to the promotion of artificially engineered foods.
  • ‘Too big to fail’ banks and corporations that are deemed ‘essential’ are becoming more and more integrated with the state apparatus.
  • Further centralisation of global governance is occurring under the pretence of ‘coordination required for pandemics’.

It should also be noted, that billionaire elitist interest groups connected to The Great Reset have funded and helped promote Marxist and communist ideologies for many years. Numerous social science academic departments and political groups are being used to propagate a negative conception of ‘privilege’ and ‘ownership’. This trend is paving the way for a communist technocracy, aka The Great Reset.

The covid crisis is being used in an attempt to usher in a new system of technocratic governance.

© Adrian Connock

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