A democracy is supposed to be when people actually have a say in the policies that are decided by government. But in most countries, the people get to vote every four years on which characters are elected to government, and that’s it, and we call it a democracy — it’s a bad joke.

A real democracy would offer people regular votes and referendums about the policies being formulated. It would offer people more say and opportunity to be involved in the political process. Direct Democracy as it is sometimes referred to. But that is not what we have.

And the vote people do get every four years is always so tightly controlled by vested interests and media manipulation, that it can’t be considered a legitimate choice anyway. And what usually happens is people end up voting for the candidate they dislike the least. That’s the tragic state of politics repeated all over this planet.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always gets in.

Most people never look beyond the politicians, they never question the forces that control the politicians. They never question the influences of the unelected central banksters, civil servants, think tanks, intelligence agencies and all the dubious quangos that continue to control the state of affairs in a country regardless of which party is voted in. And then people wonder why the same insanity continues, regardless of what was promised or which party is in power.

The system of politics is a cesspit of cold, manipulative, corrupt and often evil characters. And the thing is, if you keep focusing on these characters in the hope of getting anything good from them, then you are inevitably going to be disappointed.

It’s pretty much all staged anyway, so there isn’t any point in getting your hopes up. The politicians are by and large just puppets on a string that are either influenced or controlled by forces the public rarely or never lay eyes on.

I’ve never voted. Never seen the point. And it does make me smile to imagine what would happen if no one turned up to vote. If it got to the stage where people just got on with their lives, looked after each other, and turned their back on the political system.

We don’t need government in its current form.

Sure, we need some centralised administrators to coordinate certain things that are actually of a national concern, but most of the power should be exercised by local communities and individuals.

If you want freedom, you have to find it yourself as the current system is more designed to control you and usurp you, rather than liberate you.

Do what you can to avoid giving government your money. Set up your company in an offshore tax haven and run everything through that. Avoid inheritance tax by putting assets into trust funds. So, you find the loopholes and disengage from victimhood.

Remove yourself from the electoral roll. Tell the census guy who knocks on your door to piss off. Cancel the TV licence and unplug the aerial. Remove the government from your life as much as possible — don’t engage it — just walk away.

Don’t get bogged down in the negativity of political divisions, it’s a trap to suck you into servitude and hopelessness. Yearning for politicians to make the changes you want is a waste of energy.

Detach yourself from the divisions, from the anger, from the indignation, from the drama, and disengage from the blame game. The emotion and attention of the public is the energy that feeds the system, without it, it cannot operate as it does.

Go around the system as best you can. Focus on the vision you want and work towards it. Form alliances with people and help each other. Live by Common Law and adhere to an honour code.

Empower yourself by accepting responsibility for your own life, and by being the change you want to see.

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