Remote Healings

Remote Healings

Adrian was first taught hands-on-healing and remote healing in 2001. Since that time, he has studied with a number of spiritual healers, and has developed his own healing methods. He has worked with many hundreds of clients in private practice and at retreat centres.

In 2013 he began working alongside shamans at Ayahuasca healing centres. This was a huge learning curve over the course of four years. Adrian realised the vitalness of purification and self-development.

Remote Healings With Adrian

The healing sessions take place over the course of five consecutive days. Monday to Friday. You will be able to arrange a time of day that suits you.

Energetic attunements will be provided to improve your physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. The priorities will be to enhance your vibrancy, to restore your energetic equilibrium, and to boost your own healing processes.

Negative energies or entities hanging around you will be burnt off or ejected from your field, providing you with a faster resonance of energy.

Further details

It is preferable for you to be relaxed and laying down during each one-hour session, but you can also be active or asleep. Further instructions will be provided on booking.

You will be able to communicate with Adrian via email about any specifics that you want to work on, and attention will be given to these requests. However, please understand that the healing will go where it is needed most.

Within a week after the healings you will receive an audio feedback in an mp3 file. Adrian will provide specific guidance relevant to your healing process and will offer some suggestions to assist you in moving forward.

It is common for people to experience:

• A deep sense of peace
• Relief from pain
• Boost in emotional wellbeing
• Increase in vitality and physical energy
• Healing and/or improvements of ailments
• Clarity and understandings
• Visions and insights

You can read some feedback from clients here.

The globally renown clairvoyant and healer Soren Dreier said about Adrian in 2015:

“You’re working with the right ethics and you’re working with the right celestial support. I see your hands beaming light. You are really in turbo warp speed gear with your healings.”

Soren Dreier

Signing up

To sign up for the Five Day Remote Healings send a request via the contact form here

Adrian will then email you to make arrangements and will provide further details and confirmation of your sessions.

Five Day Remote Healings – cost £150 (GBP)