Simple Choices For a Better World

Simple Choices For a Better World

Simple Choices For a Better World

By |Published On: 10 October 2020|2.4 min read|
By |Published On: 10 October 2020|2.4 min read|

Great changes can occur when individuals make conscious choices about what they consume, what work they do, what skills they learn, how they educate their children and where they invest their money.

The choices you make as a consumer impact directly on company profits and viability, and influence which type of products are sold. If you consume from an ethical perspective, you will be instigating positive changes. And this can be achieved by simply not consuming from companies with unethical track records. For example, companies that sell toxic products, significantly pollute the environment or exploit people.

Buy organic, local, eco-friendly, fair trade, recycled, home-made products when possible. And remember, you can grow your own food, make your own perfumes, make your own household cleaning products — many things are easier than you may think to produce yourself.

The profit driven ‘strategic obsolescence’ of products, whereby products are designed to become redundant after a short time, is leading to further pollution and exploitation. Buy goods that are produced to high standards and are designed to last a long time. And weigh up whether you even need it — are you actually going to use it?

Be conscious of the power you have as a consumer to make positive changes.

The choices you make as to where you apply your skills also impact the direction of society. Try not to allow money and status to be your only motivators — consider putting your energy into work of ethical principles, altruistic ventures and compassionate causes. These directions tend to pay off in more meaningful ways.

If people continue to shift away from jobs and lifestyles that are causing harm to themselves and others, there will naturally be an increase in psychological vitality and social harmony. Seek deep meaning and purpose in what you do in your life.

The choices you make in terms of banking and financial transactions can also make a difference. Research the ethics and reputation of banks and make wise choices. Consider doing some of your transactions via decentralised cryptocurrencies.

The choices you make as to how your children are educated and raised are also influential. Consider looking into alternative schools with more of a holistic approach to education. Maybe even homeschool your children.

There are many ways that people are becoming more independent and self-sufficient. Permaculture and food growing projects are being run by people in local communities. And are providing people with healthy food for little cost, or no cost at all if they help out.

People are also going off-grid by producing their own electricity via small scale solar and wind turbine installations.

Skill swaps, resource sharing and crowd funding platforms are becoming increasingly popular. And these platforms help people to transition away from financial restrictions, and from being overly dependent on exploitative banks. It also brings people together in positive ways.

Be the change.

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