Television and the Manipulation of the Masses

Television and the Manipulation of the Masses

Television and the Manipulation of the Masses

By |Published On: 4 May 2021|4.9 min read|
By |Published On: 4 May 2021|4.9 min read|

The convergence of research from the fields of psychology and neuroscience has led to the development of numerous techniques for influencing and coercing people. And many of these techniques are being used against people via television.

And the very act of watching a television can quickly induce a person into a hypnotic trance due to the frequency of the screen flicker rate. Viewers can therefore become much more suggestible, and information will pass to the subconscious part of their mind more readily.

Television is regarded, not just by corporations, but also by governments, as the ultimate medium of social coercion. And they full well understand the power of stimulating emotional responses and controlling information via television.

A prominent example of this manipulation is the field of Neuromarketing; that employs cutting edge scientific analysis to understand precisely what persuades people to buy or believe things. Colour combinations, voice tones, musical notes, shapes, symbols, the appearance of people and the sequencing of words and imagery are all being carefully chosen to stimulate particular emotional responses.

Consumerism is largely driven by unconscious associations forged by neuromarketing. People are programmed unconsciously to make associations between products and their emotional needs and desires. Emotions have become connected with products. People’s motivations, needs and insecurities are being exploited.

Here are some examples of the associations forged between products and desires:

  • Perfume will make them more alluring.
  • Alcohol will help them to have sex.
  • A new car will impress their colleagues and boost their status.
  • A new phone will make them cool and popular with their peers.
  • Eating chocolate will make them feel more sensual.
  • Drinking ‘sugar-free’ sodas will help them lose weight.

These rather insidious marketing techniques have led to a consumer culture driven by false needs. People are programmed to crave more and more products. And the associations between products and emotional desires keep people in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction — longing for the latest car, the latest phone, the latest ice cream flavour etc.

Movies and television shows also influence people in subtle ways. And people often internalise the traits of fictional characters. Children are particularly susceptible to this kind of conditioning, and they will imitate behaviours and opinions from characters on television. Studies have revealed that watching television can rewire children’s brains, and cause attentional disorders and aggressive behaviours.

Research has shown that popular ‘reality’ TV shows can incite aggressive, sadistic and dishonest behaviours. Psychologists have said these TV shows are leading to a normalisation of voyeurism and a desensitisation to violence and aggression. Whilst the never-ending promotion of rapacious celebrity lifestyles has fuelled an increase in greed, lust and decadence.

Worryingly, many children and teenagers are spending over 30 hours a week watching television — often more time than they spend with their parents.

Analysis of political advertisements and speeches by politicians reveals that the same tricks used in neuromarketing are being employed. And politicians are often trained in Neurolinguistic Programming and will use manipulative techniques during speeches and interviews.

News anchors and reporters have been noted to use manipulative techniques as well. Whilst politically motivated documentaries and reports have been shown to incorporate subliminal inferences, bias reporting and outright misinformation.

And these days, there are all sorts of government funded companies filled with psychologists who are tasked with manipulating public opinion. Using a variety of programming techniques, people’s perceptions of reality are being modified and transformed — their thoughts and behaviours are being altered without their conscious knowledge or consent.

When people are told about threats to their survival, this can lead to trauma and heightened suggestibility. And the government are well aware that if certain phrases are often enough repeated, the words and thoughts become implanted in people’s subconscious and can become beliefs, that motivate behaviour. This is known as auto-suggestion and has been used by many dictatorships around the world.

Governments will typically present an official narrative, and will then use group-think language to reinforce the authority of their assertions. Language such as, ‘Trust the science’.

But they will also regularly change their story and present conflicting information. This doublespeak creates confusion and reinforces trauma. People often then give up trying to figure out what’s happening, and surrender to the notion, ‘Our experts must know best’.

It is my conclusion that widespread brain impairment, psychological destabilisation and social manipulation have led to a situation of heightened docility; whereby large populations are living in a near perpetual hypnotic trance. And this is achieved mostly by subconscious manipulation via television.

This subconscious manipulation then becomes like a sort of psychic infiltration seeping through the collective subconsciousness. And people will talk about subjects as if they know the truth, but when you question them, it becomes clear that all they know are a few key phrases that have been programmed into them. All they know is what the powers that be want them to know.

When you realise how the content on television can influence you, then you can become wise to the tricks and protect yourself from being manipulated.

And you can also become wise to how governments and politicians manipulate people. The false promises, the spin, the fearmongering, the lies, the deceptions, the confusion, the authoritative language, the contrived appearances with celebrities.

What is presented to the public is often very carefully crafted to trigger people emotionally. People are being programmed via opinions and suggestions that are designed to change their thoughts and behaviours.

Governments and corporations are frequently deceitful and manipulative, and that’s just the way it is, and most of the programming is done via television — you do have to be vigilant.

Watch TV with a critical mind. Always ask yourself, “Who would benefit from me believing this?” Better still — unplug the aerial, cancel the TV licence, and only use it to watch the occasional good quality movie.

Free your mind.

© Adrian Connock