To lay the foundation of your inner power, you have to first go beyond your insecurities. You have to make an effort to resolve your inner conflicts. And you have to develop fortitude, and reassure yourself. Here are some tips…

The Foundation of Inner Power

  • Reassure yourself by recognising your strengths, skills and resources. Remind yourself often of all the challenges you have overcome in life, and all of your accomplishments. Give yourself credit for the things you have achieved and all the things you do. Even the things you may overlook such as parenting, cleaning, cooking. Truly appreciate the good that has come from your efforts, and make a habit of valuing yourself.
  • Once a day, briefly review what is going well in your life and focus on the positive feelings this review brings. By identifying what is going well in your life, you will experience more contentment and this will alleviate your insecurities.
  • Create a collection of memorabilia, quotes, photos and sacred items that have meaning for you, and that fill you with inspiration and positive feelings. Whenever you feel you need a boost, prime yourself with positivity by looking through this collection, and connecting with the feelings generated.
  • If you feel weak, then pull towards you a memory of when you were feeling strong. Close your eyes and remember, focus clearly on how you felt, and bring that feeling to yourself in the present moment.
  • Neutralise any unease you feel about yourself or your circumstances by lessening your expectations and desires. Focus your attention on what you are doing in the present moment, and don’t allow yourself to languish in discontentment.
  • Root out any social conditioning and cultural programming that is not serving you. Walk away from the trappings of acclaim and status.
  • Take time to understand yourself and become assured by your own beliefs, interests and values. Align your purpose in life to what you feel is deeply meaningful.
  • Eliminate confusion and doubt. Train yourself to make wholehearted decisions and commitments. Assure yourself with genuine reasons for why you are doing what you’re doing. Prove to yourself that there is meaning and purpose in what you do.
  • Honour your word. Do what you say you are going to do.
  • Understand that life is a process of learning and developing. Be prepared and willing to fail. If things go awry, then hold yourself accountable as appropriate. Learn from what happened, and reassure yourself by committing to changes and resolutions that will prevent similar events from happening again.
  • Empower yourself by taking actions and seeing them through to completion. Prove to yourself that you have resilience and tenacity.

Once you feel more assured about yourself, and about what you’re doing in life, the background chatter of your insecurities will quieten. Your confidence will stabilise, and you will then have a solid foundation from which to develop your inner power.

© Adrian Connock

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