Elements of nature contribute to healing processes every day. For example, the sun’s light provides us with vitamin D. Clean water hydrates our bodies and gives us minerals. Natural foods provide us with energy and vitamins. Fresh air provides us with life sustaining oxygen.

I remember as a kid being stung by nettles and being told to look for a dock leaf that could relieve the stinging pain. The curious thing, is that there are often natural remedies in the same vicinity as where poisons are found. This is often the case for insect bites and snake bites, also. The remedy is usually found in the same area that the venomous plant or creature is found. Interesting.

There are thousands of natural remedies for all sorts of ailments. Herbs, plants, botanicals, essential oils, flower essences, and of course, natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients. And I don’t like the term ‘Alternative Medicine’, as it’s more like the Original Medicine. And what most people don’t realise is that pharmaceuticals are frequently synthesised from natural remedies.

Our bodies function with bio-electricity. So, we do need to ground ourselves and put our bare feet on the Earth. It not only reconnects us with the natural frequencies of Earth — it also alleviates the tension that can build up from being overly exposed to man-made electromagnetic radiation.

People who work outside or spend a lot of time outdoors in nature have been found to have higher levels of health and well-being. The colours, sounds, contours and the aliveness of nature can be very soothing and uplifting.

We are a part of nature, and we are meant to live within it and be in direct contact and communion.

By observing nature, we are reminded of the cycles of life and the intricate equilibrium of our existence — we can learn the ways of balance.

In this modern world, we have to make an effort to reconnect — to get out of our homes and spend time outdoors in a natural environment.

Be amongst the trees, swim in the sea or a river, walk in the wind, stand barefoot on the Earth. Sit in front of an open fire and appreciate the transformative energy.

Time in nature will always naturally heal you in some way.

By appreciating the beauty and vibrancy of nature, you connect yourself with those energies — and you realise more deeply your own natural beauty and vibrancy.

Quieten your mind and absorb the ancient wisdom of nature. It is there for you, encoded within you and around you.

There is sentience, warmth and grace. A motherly and feminine presence that deeply cares and nurtures.

I like the concept of ‘Forest Schools’ and remember hearing some feedback from one kid who frequented a forest school in England. He said,

“I don’t have ADHD in the forest!!”

Very cool. He was free to be natural. And nature embraced him, as it will you.

© Adrian Connock

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