Toxic Sanitisers for Your 'Safety'

Toxic Sanitisers for Your ‘Safety’

Toxic Sanitisers for Your ‘Safety’

By |Published On: 23 February 2021|1.5 min read|
By |Published On: 23 February 2021|1.5 min read|

Due to the covid crisis, people have been increasingly exposed to disinfectants and sanitation products — many of which contain toxic chemicals that have been linked to respiratory conditions, reproductive problems and neurological issues. Many simply have unknown effects and have not been proven safe.

The FDA has published a list of hand sanitisers to avoid that contain Methanol or 1-Propanol. And these chemicals can cause blindness, difficulties with breathing, or if swallowed — death. Most of these products are produced in China and Mexico.

One of the most common forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a person who is obsessed with cleaning — and much of the world has gone this way since the ‘pandemic’. But most people haven’t ever stopped to actually think about what they are doing.

For example, about how our immune systems actually work and our symbiotic relationship with bacteria. And most people are entirely unaware of the dangers of being constantly exposed to toxic chemicals found in many cleaning and sanitation products.

If your workplace or anywhere you spend time at is being relentlessly cleaned (many places are being done up to 8 times a day!) — try to ventilate the area as best as possible. You could also get a small air purifier to put near you.

You can choose to use non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning products at home.

You can wash your hands with soap made from entirely natural ingredients — go for tea tree soap if you do want anti-bacterial.

You can buy portable hand sanitisers made of natural ingredients or just make your own. Then, if you get told to use the toxic stuff when you walk in somewhere, you can pull out your natural bottle and say, “no, this is what I use”. And if that isn’t good enough for them, then go somewhere else that respects your integrity.

What a mess.

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