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Toxic Tap Water & How to Get Clean Water

Toxic Tap Water & How to Get Clean Water

By |Published On: 4 April 2021|2 min read|
By |Published On: 4 April 2021|2 min read|

Tap water is usually not purified and is often contaminated with a host of toxins. Many water treatment companies routinely add chlorine, chloramine and fluoride. All of these chemicals are toxic to the body and have been linked to a range of diseases. A cocktail of microplastics, pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs are also increasingly being found in tap water, leading to the potential of many additional health effects.

To ensure you are drinking clean water, there are several options:

  • Spring water naturally contains vital minerals such as magnesium and calcium. It will also be more oxygenated. If you can find a natural spring in your area, then you can go and regularly fill up large containers. Get the water tested if you are unsure of the quality. This is easy to do, you just send a sample to a company who will test it for you.
  • Buy a counter-top gravity water filter such as a Berkey or Osmio. You can fill them up with water from the tap and around 98% of most impurities and toxins will be removed.
  • Install a water filtration system such as a ‘reverse osmosis system’. It is always best to buy a reverse osmosis system that also adds magnesium, calcium and other minerals to the water after it has been purified. You will have to get the filters replaced once or twice a year, depending on which system you have and how much usage it gets. Prices for these systems and filter replacements are quite reasonable these days. Aquasana comes recommended.
  • If it is possible, hire a professional company to bore a well on your property.
  • Buying bottled spring water is often a better option than drinking tap water. But do ensure it is spring water. If you buy the larger 5 litre bottles, they are usually made from thicker, safer plastic.

To ensure you are absorbing clean water:

  • Avoid swimming pools that heavily chlorinate the water. There are non-toxic ways to purify water, such as ultraviolet light. Search to see if there are non-toxic swimming options in your area. Wild swimming in clean rivers, lakes and seas is another option.
  • Install a shower filter that is designed to remove toxins. These are quite inexpensive and easy to fit yourself.
  • Install a purification system that cleans the water for your entire home and not just the kitchen tap.

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