The matrix is a system of control. It exists as the bricks and mortar of the centralised authorities and institutions that dictate and enforce the laws, regulations and norms of society. But the matrix also exists as a psychological schema — an internal representation of society that is formed and sustained by the programming of beliefs, opinions, emotions and intellectual concepts.

Not everything about the matrix is bad. Many of the laws and regulations in society are there for good reason. Many of the norms and values people adhere to are based on a philosophy of morality and ethics, and serve as a positive framework.

However, there are malevolent forces embedded within the matrix that seek to trap people, in order to dominate them. And overall, the matrix is much more rooted in restriction and control, than in liberation and freedom.

Dependency is one of the primary ways people are controlled. And most people are dependent on centrally controlled systems for their food, water, money, energy, healthcare, education, media and governance. And that wouldn’t be so bad, if there wasn’t so much corruption and maleficence underpinning these forms of dependency.

For example, the food and water supply are often knowingly contaminated with toxins that can cause illness and neurological issues. The healthcare system is dominated by a pharmaceutical industry that places profit before health and purposefully gets people dependent on drugs. The energy corporations consistently manipulate their prices to keep people in a state of servitude.

The education system teaches people very little about living independently. It does not value creativity. It does not teach the basic wisdoms of psychology and philosophy. It does not assist people to unlock the potential of their consciousness.

The banking system is one of the most corrupt aspects of the matrix. Money is made up out of thin air and people are then controlled via debt. The mainstream media is controlled by a tiny number of people, all of which have political allegiances, and will censor and lie as they are told to.

Governments are mostly filled with fat cats who are busy doing business deals and setting up social programs — most of which serve to reinforce the existing restrictions of the matrix.

And so, people are limited by infringements on their health and psychology — they are weakened and dumbed down. They are limited in terms of what knowledge they are provided with and can access.

They are limited by dependency. They are limited by being subservient to corrupt financial systems that tax them and usurp their wealth. They are limited by the corruption and decadence that has infected the minds of those who seek to rule them.

Most of all, people are limited by the dark emotions and intellectual prejudices that they experience as a result of being held prisoner by the matrix.

And what tends to happen, is people internalise the malevolence of the matrix — they internalise the systems of authority — and they regurgitate them. They become infected by an abnormal sense of self-importance and a need to dominate and control. And then they police each other. They exploit each other. They degrade each other. They program each other. They resent each other. They enter into the dynamics of perpetrator and victim. They become the cogs that operate and sustain the oppressive machinery of the matrix.

As a result, people often function within a very limited range of compassion and empathy. They have a very limited philosophy about goodness, morality and ethics. They allow dark emotions and intellectual prejudices to influence their life and those around them.

Dark emotions and intellectual prejudices are what prevent people from accessing a coherence between their brain and their heart — restricting them from feeling compassion and empathy. And that is what primarily sustains the malevolent forces within the matrix.

Transcending the Matrix

Right now, overall, humanity appears to be in a state of degeneration and devolution. But the seeds of renaissance and renewal are being sown, and the tides may change in the future.

Those who see the problems with the matrix are walking away. They are flowing in different directions to the tide of those plugged into the mainstream.

Each individual is a droplet in the ocean of consciousness. And those moving in other directions to the mainstream, may eventually unite into a wave powerful enough to change the dominating structures within the collective consciousness — and therefore change the overall direction of evolution.

As I mentioned at the start, the matrix is essentially twofold — there is an external matrix and an internal matrix. And they are intricately woven with each other and interconnected.

In order to transcend the external matrix, you have to free yourself from its dominance over you. And that doesn’t necessarily mean you walk away. You can find alternatives. You can find ways to be independent and free. You can make conscious choices that enhance your life. And in many regards, you can sail through unnoticed without interacting with the centralised authorities and institutions.

In order to transcend the internal matrix, you have to free yourself from the restrictive programming. You have to break out of conformity and free your mind. And you have to free your heart and live with honour and compassion. By processing dark emotions and intellectual prejudices, you transcend the primary methods of control.

Transcending the matrix is breaking free from systems of control that are unnatural and restrictive. It’s honouring your own evolution and developing your consciousness. It’s aligning to what makes you feel healthy and free.

© Adrian Connock

Featured art by Mark Henson

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