People tend to think of consciousness as referring to the conscious awareness of the mind. But the term consciousness can also be used to describe awareness that extends beyond mind and body.

Many thousands of people across different cultures have had Near-Death Experiences, and have been able to remember what happened — whilst they were clinically deceased. So, a person’s heart and brain can stop, but they are still aware of what is happening around them. And when they are revived and come back to life, they can recall what happened in astonishing details.

Often they say they were floating around the room or hovering above their body and looking down. Other people report deep transcendental experiences. Consciousness is evidently not confined to the physical body.

Furthermore, there are the many very well established cases of young children who recounted extraordinary details about previous incarnations — and the details were verified as being accurate. The evidence that consciousness continues to exist after death is undeniable.

The field of remote viewing is another example of the non-local capabilities of consciousness. Remote viewers have repeatedly, in stringent scientific studies, shown that conscious awareness can access information from other locations, even if the information is located on the other side of the planet.

There are children in India and other parts of the world who can read with their eyes closed. Some use their hands or even their feet to read, but others can simply read what is in front of them with their eyes closed, or with a blindfold on.

Research into extra sensory perception has been carried out for over a hundred years and has repeatedly yielded highly significant results. Dream precognitions are quite commonplace. And many life-saving precognitions have been documented.

Most people have experienced what is known as telephone telepathy. So, you think of someone five minutes before they telephone you, and this can occur even with someone you very rarely think of, who very rarely phones. And studies in telephone telepathy have garnered significant results, showing that people can perceive who is phoning them.

The sense of being stared at is another interesting aspect of consciousness. Studies have revealed that people can tell when they are being stared at, even if they have their back to the other person, or they are blindfolded.

These studies were expanded to scenarios such as looking at someone through a camera. Much of the time, people could still tell when they were being stared at, even if the person looking at them through the camera was watching on a monitor screen in an entirely different location.

Studies in psychokinesis have revealed evidence that human consciousness can affect matter. For example, solely by focusing thought and intention — water molecules have been altered, plants have been made to grow faster, metal has been fractured, and randomised computer programs have been influenced.

The placebo effect is considered by many researchers to be a prime example of the power of consciousness. Placebo sugar pills have been given to patients who were told the pills would cure, or alleviate, their illness. On thousands of occasions, the belief instigated by the doctor has led to healing effects.

Fake operations have also been used to facilitate the placebo effect. For example, arthritis patients were told they were receiving an operation to cure their condition, yet in fact, they only received a scalpel scar and no operation took place. Many of these patients no longer suffered with arthritis pain.

Research into energy healers has also shown profound evidence of consciousness affecting matter. Results have included inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

Back in the 1960s, a scientist, Cleve Backster, was working on developing polygraph tests. He discovered that plants could respond in subtle ways to human intentions and emotions. Backster would connect plants to devices that measured their biological responses. And he found that significant biological responses would occur if he held certain thoughts and intentions in his mind.

Famously, the plants would react in a defensive way if Backster thought to light a match and burn them. But the intention had to be real — he couldn’t fake it — the plants somehow were able to know the truth.

The HeartMath Institute has published studies that reveal physiological synchronisation and heart coherence between people who are focused in unison on loving kindness and positive emotions.

Another interesting scientist, Masaru Emoto, found that intention and thought could affect the structure of water. He developed studies whereby water was, for example, blessed by monks and prayed upon. Then the water was frozen, and the ice crystals formed shapes. The more pure the thought and intention — the more symmetrical and coherent the shape of the water crystal would be.

emoto water crystal truth

Emoto believed that due to the body being mostly composed of structured water — a person’s health is significantly influenced by energies and vibrations caused by thoughts and emotions. Therefore, the more coherent and positive the vibrations — the better a person’s health will be.

It is now being increasingly accepted that thoughts, intentions and emotions exist as energies. And these energies can be transmitted and received across space instantaneously — distance is not relevant.

It is postulated this transmission occurs via biophotons and quantum fields. Quantum physicists have asserted that there is interpenetration between everything — and this implies that the universe is actually holographic in nature. In other words, every part contains information about the whole.

Just as mystics from ancient Eastern traditions pointed out long ago — everything is connected.

Your thoughts and emotions can impact your well-being in many ways. And you also have to consider how your thoughts and emotions can impact other people’s well-being.

Even if someone is on the other side of Earth, if you are thinking and emoting benevolent thoughts about them, they can receive certain energies, and positive effects can occur. But the opposite is true for malevolent thoughts and emotions that could cause someone harm.

Human beings are very capable of extra sensory perception, and also extra sensory influencing of matter, reality and consciousness.

Luminous beings are we.

© Adrian Connock

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