visualisation for self-healing

Visualisation for Self-Healing

By |Published On: 30 March 2023|1.7 min read|

I’ve practised many different visualisations for self-healing over the past twenty-plus years. One of the first techniques I learnt has remained useful. It’s very simple, but effective.

All you do is lay down, relax as best as possible, and then visualise yourself surrounded in light. You can choose white light or a coloured light. For example, gold, magenta, purple or blue.

On a metaphysical level, what you’re doing is summoning your energy to shine and radiate. You’re enlivening your energy — you’re bringing vitality to your own light. And this can enhance the biophotonic activity in your body and brighten your natural luminosity.

But you’re also calling forth the eternal life force that is always within you and around you. Chi, Prana, the Holy Spirit it’s the same force, the same universal energy, named differently by different cultures around the world.

I recommend standing bare feet on grass for five minutes before you proceed. And then it’s best to lay down on your back for this visualisation. And you could do the body scan relaxation technique prior to starting, to ensure you’re deeply relaxed.

You can say an affirmation or prayer in your mind such as, “May the light of goodness and healing shine within me and upon me, thank you.”

  • Once you’re relaxed and comfortable, begin to visualise your body being bathed in light. See yourself surrounded by energy, surrounded by light, it’s glowing and pulsating around you.
  • And just hold this vision and inner understanding that you’re surrounded by light.
  • If you notice any tension in certain areas of your body, bring your awareness to these areas one at a time, and visualise the light surrounding and radiating at these parts of your body.
  • Continue to bathe in the light.
  • And then flush the light through your body. Visualise light beaming through your whole body, from your feet, up to your head.
  • When you feel you have worked with the light sufficiently, simply rest in a state of relaxation.

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